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First Aid provision is an integral part of any business’ health and safety requirement. Therefore should be part of any company’s strategic planning.  

We can offer comprehensive FAW and EFAW courses, which can also be delivered as HSE or OFQUAL accredited Level 3 or 2 qualifications respectively.  These are of equal quality to St Johns Ambulance or Red Cross but more cost effective.    

Approved CPC

Fuel Efficient Driver Training

Fuel can account for over 30% of transport companies expenditure.  Any savings here come directly off the bottom-line

Interactive Training Packages,e-learning

Approved Driver CPC Centre

A range of bespoke Driver CPC packages available to suit corporate or individual needs. Each module is engaging and informative

Fuel Efficiency Solutions

Routine Driver Assessments

Legal Compliance Audits

Interactive Training Packages

Fuel efficiency needs to be adequately monitored and managed.  We can help automate this difficult process.  The idea is to work smarter - not harder

A programme of targeted driver assessments can help with fuel efficiencies, risk management and installing a good, pro-active H&S culture

All good transport companies have procedures to manage legal compliance.  Have you considered a risk assessment on these and of course your drivers’ compliance?

We have a proven track record for creating automated, effective and engaging web-based training packages I.e. Wheel Security, Driver Hours and H&S Induction packages that deliver

A Full Range Of Courses & Solutions Including:

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