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There are many ways to save fuel and without doubt the greatest and quickest way is through education and the training of drivers.  However, to ensure these savings are gained, benchmarked and maintained,  it is wise to employ technology to help with this.

Technology in itself can give immediate fuel efficiencies, as well as work in tandem with any new driving techniques associated with the training given to drivers.  A joined up strategy is essential to realise the optimum savings that fuel efficiencies can bring.

Technologies are also an essential way of monitoring and managing all of these things in an easy and automated fashion, many of which give added indirect benefits such as:

Fuel Efficient Solutions...

All of the above also give further indirect benefits, simply because these benefits can also be transferred into other areas of the business.  Fleet systems, future vehicle procurement and of course HR systems.  These can also help with profiling drivers because if you have an idea of how a driver actually drives, this can sometimes give new found insight into his general working behaviour.

What Can We Do?

We can help by giving impartial advice on the the veritable minefield of available technologies and manufacturers.  If and when a decision is made we can assist with any of the required training needs, which may include line managers, traffic office, admin staff and of course with drivers.  We can also offer a wealth of experience by even managing whole projects   

What Can You Do?

Consider all aspects of saving fuel and the associated benefits this may bring and allow us to ask one more question, which is, how much extra business would you have generate for each thousand pounds of fuel savings - remembering of course that any fuel savings are directly off the bottom-line, whereas generating new business incurs the usual costs and overheads?

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