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The format of these presentations generally follow a rough linear path, which is a narrated presentation is given, a brief quiz is then taken to gauge the effectiveness of the training.  If the candidate answers correctly they move onto the next question or task, however if answered incorrectly they are taken back to the relevant slide or page then asked the question again.  At the end their summary report and certificate is generated, whereby a copy of the summary report and training certificate can be retained by the company and the candidate can be given a copy of the certificate for their own personal development.   In summary, why work harder when you can work smarter?

These are highly engaging and effective method of training that not only guide trainees through the learning process but also at the end of the learning content delivers a quiz to determine and demonstrate the level of understanding.  

All keystrokes (actions or answers) are captured by the host PC, with a summary report and certificate generated to prove the subject matter has been viewed and fully understood.   If any candidates do struggle with the content this can more easily be identified with remedial action taken to address any shortfalls discovered.

The benefits of this type of training can be easily demonstrated below:

What Are Interactive Training Packages And How Can They Be Of Benefit To You?

In Summary...  Why Work Harder When You Can Work Smarter?

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