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Safe Driving

This has been of some commercial importance for many years and shouldn’t really need any further exploring... or should it?  Let’s consider the impact of poor or erratic driving in general but using what may be alternative perspective for some?

Accident abuse, as with fuel efficiency, to help determine what cost this delivers on the the business this may warrant a few basic questions being asked, which might include:

Corporate Manslaughter Bill - in a ‘worst case scenario’, if adequate training, periodic assessments or procedures and policies are not in place, it may be considered that Health & Safety law has been breached and may be viewed as negligence by a competent person i.e. a Director

Fuel Efficient & Safe Driving...

As we’ve already seen fuel efficiency and safe driving are clearly linked.  We’ve looked at fuel efficiency, now  lets look at some of the issues surrounding safe driving.

After looking at an alternative view of accidents and their cost, it may be worthwhile just touching upon the more traditional aspects of drivers not using safe or defensive driving techniques:

Fuel Efficient Driving 1

Fuel  Efficient Driving Saves Money, The Environment... And Saves Lives